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Dux8 helped 30+ eCommerce brands grow by over 300% on Google search results.

How is that possible?

It is all about being one step ahead of our competitors. We build data-driven e-commerce SEO strategies for you based on our market conditions. The steps are:

  • Feasibility & Roadmap
  • E-Commerce SEO Check-up
  • Data-Driven SEO Techniques
  • Customized Advanced Implementations
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Measurement & Reporting
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Quality Matters

3 Most Important Steps for eCommerce SEO

Considering Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce, Google crawls your website regularly, checking more than 200 criteria to determine your organic position. We implement three fundamental approaches to your website, considering all of those criteria, and try to give you the best possible outcome.


Technical SEO

This is the magic that happens behind the scenes. We optimize your website code based on Google's needs. We optimize your page speed to get the most out of technical SEO .

On-Page SEO

Content is the new king for eCommerce on-Page SEO. We optimize your existing content on your categories and product pages. We make competitor analyses to find potential keywords to rank us higher than ever. We make link-building strategies inside our pages.

Off-Page SEO

The next step is Off-Page SEO. A long-term backlink strategy will help you rank easier when you are in a high-competition market.

How eCommerce SEO works?

Every eCommerce Business has its roadmap. We would optimize your website SEO precisely for your business goals if you choose us. We would use your home page, category page, and product pages as our sources to rank on Google.

Feasibility & Roadmap

We listen to you very carefully, then prepare a detailed analysis of your market. We determine how high the competition is and the possible leaks for us to rank faster. We prepare a roadmap based on our detailed research.

E-Commerce SEO Check-up

We understand the market. Now it is time to analyze what we have. We thoroughly audit our website to find our technical SEO errors, on-page SEO mistakes, and off-page SEO structure.

Data Driven SEO Techniques

We do keyword research to find the best possible search volume opportunities. We do customer behavior analysis on our website. We use this data-driven approach to rank us higher as quickly as possible.

Customized Advanced Implementations

This is where we hack your eCommerce SEO Growth. Our specialized team will use advanced techniques to make our strategy live.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We regularly analyze customer behavior on your website and perform A/B tests to improve it.

Measurement & Reporting

The best part is to report monthly what we accomplished throughout the month. We also provide you with before and after simulations to help you understand our growth better.

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